MoneyMaker Alert: Glade Reed Diffuser at CVS

I would first off like to say that I have been slacking at CVS lately. I burned down about $60 ecbs between 2 cards to the point where I only have $12 ecbs left. I love CVS and think it is a great place to get the deals. But I recently got a little burned out with all the back to school deals that were never in stock. I typically had quite a few ecbs that needed to be rolled weekly and if the BTS items were out of stock I basically had nothing. With that said, CVS is looking up again and I will probably jump back in. I will continue to post deals and scenarios on this site  for everyone because even though I am not shopping there doesn’t mean you should miss the awesome deals. I apologize for the shortage of CVS posts and I will be working on that. Ok enough talk, onto the MM.


Next week (8/30-9/5) the Glade Fragrance Collection Reed Diffuser will be priced at $6.99 with $6.99 ecbs in return. That in itself is a great deal. BUT you can make it even better! Click here to print off a $2.00/1 coupon from Right @ Home (you may need to sign up if you aren’t already a member). Pay $4.99 for the diffuser and get back $6.99 for a $2.00 MM! For those of you who are new to CVS, this is how you build your ecbs so I always suggest participating in deals like these. Plus, I think the diffuser looks cool and I’ve been told they are environmentally friendly, so go get yours!


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