Retail Roundup: Women’s clothing at Old Navy

I am a frugal shopper in all aspects. If there is a deal out there I will find it and take advantage of it! This holds true for groceries, personal items, even restaurants and clothing/shoes.  As a new feature on this blog I have decided to scour the internet looking for great (and totally affordable) clothing/shoes/accessory deals. Clothes can be very expensive these days but you don’t have to shell out tons of hard earned cash to look great. Here are some of the great clothing deals I found this week today at  Old Navy :


Right now there is a great sale going on called the Fundamentals Sale.

Huge assortment of women’s jeans: $14.99-$19.00 (regular retail value of $29.50-$34.50)

Women’s Skirts: $9.99- $19.00 (regular retail value of $19.50-$29.50)

Women’s Khaki pants (in assorted colors):$12.99 (regular retail value of $32.50)

Women’s tops (various styles and colors): $2.99-$10.00 (regular retail value of $8.50-$29.50)

Women’s Classic Polos (great for school uniforms): $4.99- $7.99 (regular retail value of $15.00)

Women’s Sleeveless Button Front Shirts: $7.99-$12.50 (regular retail value of $16.50)

Women’s Belted Shawl Cardigans: $35.00 (regular retail value of $44.50)

Women’s Sweater Dresses: $25.00 (regular retail value of $34.50)

Women’s Bermuda Shorts: $9.99-$17.99 (regular retail value of $24.50)

Women’s sandals (a variety of styles): $7.99-$12.99 (regular retail value of $19.50)

Combine these great sale items with a coupon from Old Navy Weekly and you’ve got an awesome deal!


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