Happy Birthday to ….ME!

12913Today is my 21st birthday. A few years ago I thought this day would never come and now it’s here and I am starting to realize I am getting OLD! I don’t physically feel 21 and if you saw me I wouldn’t look it either. But I’m sure later when I go out to eat and I can LEGALLY order myself a cocktail or whatever else I want at dinner it will hit me. I feel like heading to the store and purchasing anything and everything I want and tipping back a few. And no, I’m not an alcoholic, I swear!  Of couse, I know I’ll probably be carded until I’m 35, but hey that could be a good thing 🙂

I don’t expect many gifts these days since I am older and don’t need a whole lot but here is a gift YOU can give ME. Tell your friends and family all about my site and add me to your blogroll. Leave me a comment saying you added me and I will graciously return the favor!

Do you know anyone else that has a birthday today? 

And BTW doesn’t that frozen mudslide just look to die for!  YUMMMMMM


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