Giveaway: Complete the Cycle Laundry Kit

Common Sense with Money is giving away Complete the Cycle Laundry Kits to 5 lucky readers! This kit is pretty cool and contains the following:

* A laminated copy of the Complete the Cycle Laundry Regimen Guide
* 50 oz bottle of Gain Laundry Detergent
* 34 oz bottle of Downy Ultra
* 22 oz bottle of Clorox 2 Ultra
* A Clorox Bleach Pen
* Coupon for 1 Free bottle of Clorox Bleach
* A Flip Fold- Ultimate Folding Tool
* A laundry basket

The kit is designed to help make doing laundry a little more easier. I’m sure most of us just dread the thought of doing another load when laundry day rolls around. Click here to sign up for the giveaway. You have 4 possible ways to enter and the giveaway ends tonight (8/28) at 9pm CST.


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