Shopping Trip: 9/7/09

Today I went to Hannaford and Walmart to do my weekly grocery shopping. I bought quite a few things this week, a lot more than usual, but I didn’t really go shopping last week. I only picked up a few things here and there and stayed WAYYY under budget. So I figured I could afford to spend a little extra this week. If you all didn’t know, my weekly goal is around $62.00 (I know, weird number, just how it worked out). Here is how I did:


4 muffins: $0.99 ea. = $3.96

6 pk of Sub rolls: $3.29

1/2 pound of Turkey breast: $3.77 – $0.55 coupon = $3.22

Large Flour tortillas: $3.29

Ball of Pizza dough: $2.19

Ragu pizza sauce: $1.29

Yo Baby yogurt: $3.49

1 pound package of Bacon: $2.79

3 pears: $2.07

1 large head of broccoli (on sale for $0.99/lb this week!): $1.06

Head of Iceberg Lettuce: Marked down to $0.75 *

Bunch of Organice Bananas: Marked down to $0.90 *

Romaine lettuce 3 pk: $3.49

Total: $31.79

*I really enjoy shopping at this particular store due to the fact that they mark down a lot of produce. I can always find overripe bananas for baking.


Hot dog rolls 6 pk (Hannaford was wiped out!): $1.50

5 lb bag of flour: $1.74

2 cans of Pringles: $1.50 ea.= $3.00 – $1.00/2 coupon = $2.00

2 Ken’s Creamy Caesar Dressing: $1.78 ea. = $3.56 = $1.00/2 = $2.56

1/2 gallon of milk: $1.89

Ore Ida Fries: $2.88

32 oz block of Cheddar: $5.98

Quart of chocolate milk: $1.77

Bagel Bites: $2.98

Perdue short cuts: $3.98

2 pks Ball Park Franks: $2.50 ea. = $5.00 – $1.00/2 coupon = $4.00

Plain Bread crumbs: $1.18

3 YoBaby 3-in-1 meals: $1.00 ea = $3.00 – B2G1 coupon = $2.00

4 Mars Candy bars: $0.64 ea. (but somehow I goofed and grabbed a bigger bag of M&Ms that was $1.18) = $3.10 = FREE coupons ($0.64 off ea. even the big one, doh!) = $0.54 (for all 4 items)

Total: $35.00

Grand Total for the day: $36.79, just a bit over budget but not bad at all.


You may wonder why bother going to two places for groceries. Well, some items I like are not available at Walmart and I don’t like to buy produce there. But I do go there because milk and some other items are actually cheaper there. They are just a minutes drive of each other so I don’t mind stopping at both places, and lucky me, today the stores were dead!

Also, I am not a big processed foods- type of person, but my boyfriend, in some senses is. So of course, I buy them for him, to keep him happy and quiet. If I didn’t buy those types of items I could cut my bill down even more. Making your own items from ingredients rather than buying pre-made foods is much more cost effective.


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