Hello World, I am back!

I didn’t think I would be back here again, but here I am. I am happy to say that I will be coming back to the blogging scene after a very long but much needed break. My life became very hectic during the fall into the winter and I sadly had to abandon this blog.  A lot has happened and I am still busy, but for other reasons now. I returned to college last week after a two year break. I was very nervous at first but it felt so good to go back to school and I am really loving it! I have been accepted into the Nursing program but because of the demand for the program, I am on the waiting list for who knows how long. They say the average wait time is about two years. So in the meantime I am doing all my general education classes and getting those out of the way so when its time to do my nursing stuff I can focus all my attention on that. I know I have chosen a pretty rigorous program and its going to be hard work but it will so pay off in the end and I am so excited to have a wonderful career (and hopefully not struggle so much!).

Despite being busy with school I have learned how to manage my time and so far I am doing great. I am definitely ready to start going full force into the deals again and I have really started focusing on gathering my coupons and looking for the hot deals. I see some awesome things coming up at the end of this month and into February.

So the real question is, why am I back? Well, because I love bragging about my deals. No, but really I am back because I missed it all. I missed sharing my good deals and helping others get good deals too. I can’t promise that I will be posting as much as I once did but I will try to keep up as best I can. I am no longer a full time SAHM so I can’t devote my whole day to blogging but I will surely do my best.

And another reason why I’m back? I looked at my stats and despite me being MIA for months people have still been checking this place out. That right there is good enough for me!


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