Getting ready…

Here I am on a Friday night at home (like usual) laying in bed with my laptop sitting beside me scouring the internet. Whats the reason for the late night session? Well I am getting ready for a very fun filled week of couponing! True this week hasn’t even ended yet but if I say it once I’ll say it again over and over…you have to plan ahead! They say the early bird catches the worm and the same stands true for couponers, although we typically aren’t after any worms (unless we can get them for free, right?) I love to find out about a deal as far ahead of time as I can so I can do all my prep work.  This coming week I see a few good deals at CVS plus the bonus packs are still active and as of yet I still havn’t purchased any. This week also marks a new SCR month for Rite Aid and I am thrilled to see February will be bringing much better deals.  I see the potential to make quite a bit of money at Rite Aid this month. But my biggest focus this week is definitely Target. I saw an ad preview today that said there would be a giftcard deal. Buy 3 Jumbo packs of Huggies or Pampers (both priced at $8.99 this week) and get a $5.00 giftcard. Simple enough deal and it gets better since I already have a $5 Target giftcard to roll and there are some very nice $2.00 Huggies coupons on Coupons. My son wears size 3 and when the transaction is done it comes down to about $0.18 a diaper which I like the sounds of. Some people can get diapers for cheaper than that but up in my neck of the woods there aren’t too many good diaper deals. I plan to roll this deal a few times. The diapers from this deal combined with the diapers I got during the great Shaws P&G deal a couple weeks back will mean my diaper stockpile will be set for a few months. Look for a post this coming week with a break-down of how I did.

On a side note, does anyone like the new direction I am taking with this blog? I am trying to get a little more personal and a little less repetitive. I won’t be having a contest with myself anymore to see how many free samples I can post a day because, well I just don’t have the time anymore. But I still want to share my deals, triumphs, and failures.

And on a final side note, you know you are addicted to couponing when you write a process paper for your college writing class titled: “How to effectively save money by shopping with coupons”. My class is surely in for a treat!


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