A quick recap

I realized today that since I started this blog up again I failed to post about my goals and progress for 2010. I celebrated my 1 year couponing anniversary in November and while 2009 was an amazing year full of hot deals and incredible growth, I can’t help but think 2010 will be even better! Couponing has become more than just a hobby for me, it’s a way of life! And so here are my goals for 2010:

  • Stock up on condiments. Although I felt I did an effective job stocking ketchup, dressing, BBQ sauce, etc when the sales were hot, I am sad to report that I ran out of certain flavors of dressing and ketchup a few months ago.  I have had to buy things at full price or with low value coupons and that makes me unhappy! So this year I must stock stock stock when it comes to the condiments!
  • Donate items we end up with too much of or items we can’t use. Sometimes I can get things for free that aren’t always useful in our house. I will look for places to donate these things and make life a little better for others.
  • Make a profit by shopping at Rite Aid. This is by far the biggest thing I am looking forward to doing this year. I am starting with $26.00 earned via SCR in 2009. Each month I will try to get back more money than I spend. So far for January I have earned $2.00 extra! So what will I do with the extra money? I’m not sure yet but I will definitely be putting it away for something. I hope to make at least $20.00 this way, but this will depend on sales and moneymaking opportunities.

I am also excited to announce how much I have saved thus far. In 2009 I did not keep track of my savings and have no real idea how much I actually saved which is a little depressing. So this year in an attempt to be organized, I am keeping track of my savings on AFC (A Full Cup). The following number is my year to date savings from all stores I shop at (grocery, retail, drugstore, etc): $368.35 and $80.93 of that is from this week alone!


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