My trip. Week of 1/24

This week was a little slow, but still very profitable!



This week there was a great deal featuring chips. A lot of stores are running promotions on various chips and sodas because of the Superbowl and even though I will not be hosting a party I still saw a way to make a profit. The deal was purchase $20.00 worth of ‘chips’ and get $10 ecbs.

4 bags of Lays Chips: $14.00

2 Bags of Stacy’s Pita Chips: $6.00

– (4) $1.00/1 Lays coupons (found taped to bags of chips and tearpads at Hannaford stores)

– $1.00/1 Stacy’s insert coupon

– FREE Stacy’s product (from Facebook Fan promotion)

– $12.00 ecbs

= 0

Received $10 ecbs.

I saved $22.54, paid absolutely nothing out of pocket, and walked away with $10.00!

Rite Aid

Nothing big caught my eye this week except for the Maybelline mascara deal. All Maybelline cosmetics are 40% off this week (1/24-1/30) and there is a $2.00 SCR  on any Maybelline mascara.

1 Maybelline Great Lash Blackest Black Mascara: $3.11 (normally $5.19)

– $1.00/1 insert coupon

– $1.00/1 Video Values coupon

= $1.22

And I will get back $2.00 via Single Check Rebates. Something that should be noted is that when calculating spending, profits, etc I do not count $0.50 or under. That can be confusing so here is the breakdown for this transaction. I spent $1.00 on the mascara (using my Rite Aid cash, as I call it, refer to previous post for more details) and the $0.22 came out of  change. I will get back $2.00 so I essentially made a $1.00 profit on the mascara. Now if the mascara had come to $1.87, I would have paid with $2.00 from my RA money stash and would have gotten $2.00 back, making the purchase free, but not profitable. The $0.13 in change would go with my other change and would not count for anything. This can be a little confusing and is something I recently adapted for this year to make calculating profits much easier for me.


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