My Life

Explore this section and you will find out a lot about me and how I live. Read about my weekly menu plans on Mondays and my grocery budget for the week. Learn why I will never pay for shampoo again and why you don’t have to either. Maybe the way I have changed the way I live will inspire you and get you thinking about how you can live better on less too.

View how I break down my budget and calculate my expenses:

Monthly Budget


It is probably quite obvious by now that I am a coupon nut and I love deals and free stuff! It is so easy to get started that anyone can do it. All you need is a little time and the ambition. You can’t get the deals sitting on your butt waiting for them to come to you. Sometimes they will come easy and sometimes you really have to search for them. I honestly love the thrill of finding a HOT deal, especially if it is unadvertised. What I have learned through my months of couponing and shopping is that organization is key. If you are not organized then you will have trouble. I’d like to share my method of organizing the deals as I find them. Thanks to sites like AFC and HCW, I am able to see ad scans for stores weeks in advance. This helps me get my coupons ready and plan my attack. But if I look at an ad scan in early July and the week of the sale isn’t until the first week in August (yes they can be that far in advance) how am I going to remember what coupons I need and how much things are going to cost by the time the sale actually rolls around. Well, I could look at the sale flyer a million times OR I could do something much simpler. I have developed a simple and easy to follow spreadsheet that I use. I have created one for all my favorite stores. When I view the ad scan I enter items of interest into the sheet. I make sure to put down price, any thing I will recieve back from purchasing the item (ECBs, RRs, SCRs) and any coupons for that item I know of. I also record the final price I should pay and if there is a limit on how many items I can purchase. I include the sale date and then I’m done! I save the sheet and the week before the sale I can check out whats going to be on sale the following week and what I need to get the deals. It totally works for me and I bet it would work for you too. Here is a copy of an actual sheet I just worked on today for Rite Aid. Feel free to use it and ask questions.

Rite Aid Potential Purchases Sheet


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